Let's Make some NOIZE
Posted: 03 April 2009 05:14:44

Thanks to all you gorgeous people, who came and made our party Rocking.. Thanks for making Noize..


ElenaLisvato said, "amazing stuff thanx :)"
Posted: 05 August 2009 12:27:55

Mrinmoy said, "keep mAking noizee and mAke the night beAutiful"
Posted: 08 March 2010 09:39:42

Posted: 12 June 2009 06:16:47

Mr.Ocean said, "Wish u best of luck.. keep rocking"
Posted: 13 November 2009 10:05:27

max said, "i love parties.....thats y i love noize me = noize embassy....."
Posted: 16 January 2010 04:14:25

Obaidullah Babar said, "hi i liked it noizeeeeee, keep it up good work. i want to b a member, kindly mail me the details at"
Posted: 17 December 2009 07:36:14

Sayed Imam said, "i can't register in your website, could you please fix the date and login stuff.... i like the theme and color combination of your site and the music is good....keep rocking... "
Posted: 19 November 2009 10:28:17

Nadim AKA Cold Fire said, "great place..embassy of the peoples republic of Sound"
Posted: 19 October 2009 03:54:07

Imtiaz Ahmed said, "it'Z all about claSS.."
Posted: 22 June 2009 10:15:52

Nafiz Ghoni said, "noizeembassy is best of the best........keep going....."
Posted: 26 July 2009 02:53:34

regan said, "hy.....i like noizeeeeeeeeeee...its cool... hy keep goin.... by da way i wnt to b a member of dis noizeeeeeeeee..."
Posted: 26 October 2009 08:56:54

max rahman said, "noize embassssyyyyyy.....rockz"
Posted: 29 November 2009 10:49:20

Kalleballe said, "When is the next event?"
Posted: 30 October 2009 02:30:58

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